Diamond-Cut Panel Skirt with Signature Silver-Lock Belt
HK$1,848 (was HK$2,640)
Balloon Skirt
HK$760 (was HK$950)
Cactus Flower Embroidery Skirt
HK$1,666 (was HK$2,380)
Pencil Skirt With Front Pockets And Waistband
HK$632 (was HK$790)
Navy Midi Dress With Lace
HK$910 (was HK$1,300)
White Floral Midi Skirt With Lace
HK$910 (was HK$1,300)
Navy Floral Mini Skirt With Black Lace
HK$840 (was HK$1,200)
Navy Checked Slip Skirt
HK$872 (was HK$1,090)
Flare Skirt
HK$1,678 (was HK$2,098)