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Isa Patched Denim Jacket
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Isa Patched Denim Jacket

Product Code : IA0018


100% Polyster

Other Information

ISATISSE is an independent Fashion and Illustration brand established by Isabel Tong in 2014. The brand always believes that happiness is right here, right now, anytime you want it. And the mission is to embrace the beauty and joy amidst our stressful life. It is hoped that these messages are shown in her products and illustrations.

ISATISSE’s illustrations revolve between the main character Abel and her friends, who know how to enjoy the beauty and joy of life in the midst of our stressful city routines. The brand offers a wide variety of products, namely, clothing, accessories, phone cases, soft furnishings and art pieces. It is hoped that by meeting or owning these products, one could feel good and refresh with a smile.

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