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these crazy notes in staves will never stop me practising this song, we have listened together

Product Code : DB0012


80% Cotton, 20% sp

Other Information

People in the Kingdom of Socks deserve the most charming and comfy pairs of socks.

Everyday has its own mood and weather.

Everyday is a brand new day.

We are going to walk 10 more blocks, read 10 more pages and sleep for 10 more minutes.

10 every single day, with those good things.

10 is created by

2 females, stage design graduates.

They believe even the smallest details have something big worth cherishing.

They are continuously taking pictures and drawing, so that others can see

their island of beauty and humor.

2 males, family entrepreneurs.

They used to do sock quality control in front of the TV when they were young.

They have perfectly trained eyes and hands for distinguishing bad and good

pairs of socks. They also inherited true persistant hearts from their father to

run the business. Most importantly, they manufature the perfect socks.

Socks you can wear during the whole day and still feel comfortable in.

The little details which cannot be seen, we can let them shine somehow.

We have provided this item's measurement to help you decide whch size to buy. All measurements are in cm.

SOLE 24-26