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Gina Short Sleeves
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Gina Short Sleeves

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Environmental materials

Other Information

The name of hoya kerry is from the heart-shaped plant, hoya kerrii - symbol of love.

We are an environmentally-conscious fitness and wellbeing lifestyle brand. We make high performance activewear that allows you to move in comfort and ease but we aim for more that just looking good; we believe in a philosophy of loving green, loving sweat and loving more......

The way we treat everything, from our own bodies to the world around us, is repaid to us in kind. Living well means taking care of ourselves, our communities and our planet. hoya kerry aims to help our clients achieve wellness not only physically, through its activewear, but also spiritually, in the knowledge that they are supporting a company that does its part to combat climate change by using environmentally-friendly materials and means of production.

love green:

We believe in protecting the environment. We aim to use more recyclable fabrics; we use no unnecessary packaging and minimal plastic. We encourage and spread knowledge to our consumers on how best to treat the world we're living in.

love sweat:

We make comfortable, functional and sexy sports clothes for you to run, dance, and stretch in. Physical fitness is vital to a well-lived life and with our high performance activewear, you'll feel as good on the inside, as you look on the outside.

love MORE:

We want you to be happy and confident in your bodies and soul. Before you can share love with others you have to feel it within yourself. Spread more love to the world around you,as one of the best ways to bring more love into your life is to give.

The Beatles said it best: “Love is all you need.”

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