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Two Ways Slip On Indoor And Outdoor Shoes
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Two Ways Slip On Indoor And Outdoor Shoes

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Chill time, redefined

Hong Kong is well known for its fast pace environment, local brand Klics is meant to provide a little breathing room for all of us. Whether we are relaxing on a Sunday morning at home, or taking a casual stroll in the park at night, Klics is designed to provide the comfort and chill vibes in each step you take, from indoor to outdoor.

Klics is both an indoor slipper and an outdoor sneaker. Innovative 3D printing helped designer BnO create an outsole that’s easily attached and detached. These indoor slippers are extremely comfortable and breathable with a cool-tech mesh lining and a cloud-foam insole. The outsole can be easily attached in one click, transforming the slippers into a pair of hippy sneakers with an edge, and of course, they are so chill that you’d never want to take them off.

 From indoor slippers to outdoor shoes in one “Click”

 A range of outsole colors to mix and match

 Slip on design with collapsible back, super easy to wear

 Breathable and soft felt upper with cool tech mesh lining

 Ultra bouncy and supportive sport-style insole

 Edgy look with the back elastic sling

 Available in both men an women sizes (please choose the smaller size for half size)

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