Baby Dino Ring - E. longiceps
Baby Dino Ring - S. armatus
Baby Dino Ring - E. longiceps
Baby Dino Ring - T. prorsus
Baby Dino Ring - T. rex
Baby Dino Ring - T. prorsus(crown base)
Baby Dino Ring - S. aegyptiacus
Baby Dino Ring - B. altithorax
Otorb Ring
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Otorb Ring

Product Code : EZ0024


Acetate, Wipe Clean

Other Information

a contemporary, creative approach to fashion jewellery;

a contrasting play between simplicity and complexity,

We are fascinated by the geometrical structures balance within modern architectures. Hence fusing technical and digital material innovations with intricate constructions made with acetate in illusional marble effect.

Our designs are aesthetically rich and bold in style. Having sleek geometric forms complement conventional materials such as pearls and chains for a modern twist, the perfect balance between edgy and elegant is then established. Produced by integrity, quality and innovation.

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