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Lucky Star Earrings
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Lucky Star Earrings

Product Code : HPP0019


Paper and Card from England

Other Information

paper diamond® - stylish paper art and jewellery

by Candice HUI, paper diamond®

March 16, 2017

Hong Kong - paper diamond®, was founded by designer Candice HUI in London since 2011, spacializes in making stylish and distinctive paper art and jewellery.

“Even an ordinary material can shine if we add value into it by good craftsmanship. Although you aren’t born perfect, everybody can be refined and do something.” - that’s our notion behind the brand.

From sourcing fine paper around the world, to cutting, folding, assembling and re-touching, designer insists to finish all by her hands - every tiny “diamond” is folded delicately with spirit, forming every special yet subtle piece.

Apart from paper art items, paper diamond® has introduced the new Rose Gold jewellery collection.

Both the earrings and necklace are made of 925 silver and plated with 14K rose gold - becoming subtle yet meaningful gifts for every classy lady with sophisticated characters.

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