Baby Dino Ring - E. longiceps
Baby Dino Ring - S. armatus
Baby Dino Ring - E. longiceps
Baby Dino Ring - T. prorsus
Baby Dino Ring - T. rex
Baby Dino Ring - T. prorsus(crown base)
Baby Dino Ring - S. aegyptiacus
Baby Dino Ring - B. altithorax
925 Silver Ring Set In Cubic Zirconia With 18K White Gold Overlay Ring Per One
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Trigonal is a series of rings designed in shape of convex triangle. Unlike traditional ones, the curved lines enable the ring to fit the shape of finger; meanwhile preserving the edge of triangle designs. This one is a thin silver ring set with 0.01ct Cubic Zirconia, which can be stackable with other rings in trigonal series.

Product Code : FU0024


925 Silver ring set in Cubic Zirconia with 18 K white gold overlay (0.01ct x 15=0.15ct, share prongs setting)

Other Information

I believe jewellery is a way for a person to express her preference and personality.Since I was a teenager, I have been seeking for kind of jewellery which is simple, stylish,special& breaking perceptions. After years of hard working, my business partners & I strive to make it work.

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