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Unisex Waterproof Mid Length Shorts
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Side Drape Shorts
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Side Drape Shorts

Product Code : GP0089


100% Cotton

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We all vainly try to anticipate everything. Whereas whatever we do, anything can happen. Yeung Chin collection talks about those unexpected events and the memory of “accidents”. He brings life back to those “after accident” images, by creating the main pattern made of stripes. Omnipresent in this collection, the stripes are inspired by the traffic signals. Those memories, printed in the fabric are softened by embroideries and then, related by cutted strings to make those unexpected events livable; even enjoyable in some ways.

The different pieces composing the collection are all bold, with curved silhouettes and for some in washed denim. Those pieces motivate us to forget about the permanent pressure of symmetry.

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